Book: SAMT4 Beneficial Microbes Applications in Agriculture:
Volume I, Elementary Applications, 1st edition.

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SAMT4 Beneficial Microbes: Applications in Agriculture: Volume I, Elementary Applications, 1st edition; book was also published and marketed under several minor variants of this title, including EM Beneficial Microbes Applications in Agriculture: Volume I, Elementary Applications.
(book was available, when in publication, in both digital electronic form and printed/bound book form)

This book is no longer available. This book, along with my other books on this topic, were totally removed from the marketplace in 2010 or earlier largely because they were being extensively and flagrantly pirated by copyright violators (see more detailed notes below).

Cautionary Note
Note from Vinny: This book has been removed from sale in all venues. Copies of this book are NOT available from me. Please do not send me money (as so many have tried to do) in the hopes that I may send you a copy; I cannot and will not do that. Rather, if you insist upon sending me unsolicited and uninvited funds in the hopes that I will send you a copy of the book, I will accept the funds as a donation to support my work and will NOT refund or return the funds to the sender, and the sender will not receive any product in return.

More Details: Book History
This was a largely non-technical book, largely for farmers, on applications of beneficial SAMT4 microbial consortia (syntropic antioxidative microbes type 4 consortia) in agriculture, and particularly in sustainable agriculture.

The Piracy Problem, aka Theft
Unfortunately, a corollary downside of the popularity of the book was that the PDF ebook version -- despite the presence of copyright notices -- was widely pirated, and web searches have consistently indicated that not only had numerous copies of the ebook been widely distributed by pirates (i.e., thieves), but that, at any given time, at least two or three websites were blatantly offering illegal pirated versions of the ebook online (I have found via experience that most of these sites totally ignore takedown requests sent by email).

Because of the widespread piracy problem, and also because the book was by that time in need of extensive revision, I decided in 2009 to cease all sales of both the print version and the ebook version of the book, and I notified the publisher and all larger resellers of the book of my decision. The book was, in short order, totally pulled from sale in all legitimate venues.

A Cautionary Note Regarding Pirated Copies of the Book
If you should encounter anyone, whether online (i.e., via a website, forum or list group) or offline who is offering copies of this book, whether free or for sale, please be advised that all such copies are illegal pirated versions of my ebook that are being distributed in blatant violation of the copyright, and in violation of my wishes. Worse, I do not receive any remuneration for my work when these illegal copies are distributed. Each of these distributors or sellers are, in reality, stealing from me.

Here is the description for the now discontinued version/edition:
This book offers general application guidelines and notes for using antioxidative and syntropic beneficial microbial (SAM) consortia in commonly-encountered agricultural, composting, pond, and waste treatment settings. Unlike my first book, which was entitled Fermentation with Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes, which dealt solely with brewing SAM-fermented secondary products, this book offers application guidelines for use of SAM in various settings. This book is the first, and the most elementary or basic, in an eventual series of books which will offer guidelines for employing beneficial microbial consortia in increasingly sophisticated and demanding applications. As the first volume in the series, the current applications book targets primarily basic and commonly-encountered applications in agriculture and related fields, including odor management, composting, and managing ponds and other bodies of water which exhibit waste buildup problems.

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