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Observations on Sungazing -- a Mini E-book

During one of several consulting calls on sungazing in mid-2004, one of my callers, a newcomer to sungazing (but a longtime member of the sungazing list) who wanted some basic advice, said to me (and I paraphrase a bit, due to poor memory):

"Why don't you put your recommendations, observations and guidelines in a mini e-book and make it available? You could even include your own observations and conclusions in the areas of sungazing and not-eating, sungazing and healing, and sungazing and the spiritual path.  Lots of people want to know more of your observations on sungazing and not-eating, and the spiritual angle.  You could sell it much like you sell your syntropic antioxidative microbial brewing e-book, and this would give people much basic info, plus some advanced stuff -- from your viewpoint -- in one convenient book, so they don't have to search the Sungazing list group archives for 100 years or wait for your future posts on inedia and other topics.  It could also help to pay for all your free volunteer work on the list and free phone consulting and coaching on sungazing.  It could also save many hours of phone calls... you could even require folks to read the mini e-book before they can call for individual consulting!"

Well, I replied that I actually had such an e-book project on the back burner, but that maybe I should accelerate its development.  So.... for those of you who are sungazers or interested in sungazing, and who are frustrated at times with the limitations of the Sungazing list group -- primarily:
  • repeated newbie questions and elementary discussions
  • difficulty of accessing info in past posts, due to the inefficiency of the groups search engine, which searches only from 200 to 400 archived messages at a time (can take a long time to search 14,000 posts for even a single term!)
  • the limitations to exploring the more advanced aspects of the topic given the broad nature of the list membership
  • the fact that most posts in archives are on elementary topics or are irrelevant to your current interests
I have decided to accelerate the timetable of the mini e-book type document...

This e-book is not intended to be an encyclopedia of sungazing, nor an A to Z guide to sungazing, nor to be a book on the history of sungazing. Rather, my intent is to share with you my own experience from my 22 years of sungazing and from having talked with and worked with hundreds of sungazers, especially from a spiritual angle; I will address the ever-present issue of, and claims about inedia as well.  Much of the information in the sungazing mini e-book will be material much as I share in the one-on-one individual coaching which I offer to folks who are sungazers, and also in related spiritual areas.  And some of the material will be on advanced topics such as sungazing and inedia as well as sungazing and spiritual growth, much which I have never shared on the Sungazing list group, and also my own observation on use of mirrors, lenses, pinholes, polarizers, etc. based on my own intuitive sense and stories I have heard from friends who have been sungazing for over 30 years, one of whom also taught sungazing seminars in the US.  If you have sensed that I do not share everything that I know or have observed on the list group, this is entirely true, because, among other things, the amount of (often trivial and distracting and misleading) questions generated by such disclosure of information -- and the follow-up replies required of me -- would be overwhelming.  And, quite frankly, some information does not belong in full public view; it is better given only to those who can really use it and who are committed to the work at hand.

With that behind us, Here is a more complete description of the e-book document:

I am a degreed scientist, a spiritual healer, a long-term mystic and spiritual student, and have been sungazing since the late 1980s.  I created in late 2000 or early 2001 the first site on the web offering information on sungazing, and I count among my friends and acquaintances (this was before I ever started the Sungazing list group!) a great number of experienced sungazers, some of whom have been gazing for over 40 years. I have also had dialogues with friends and acquaintances who have taught classes on sungazing, or who are/were sungazing teachers, and even authors of books on sungazing or the benefits of the sun. Two such friends and colleagues have even done extensive work and research with use of mirrors, pinholes and lenses.

This copyrighted mini e-book is offered in PDF file format containing both basic and advanced information, including my own guidelines and recommendations for safe and sane sungazing and also on related topics, such as sungazing related to inedia (not eating), spiritual practice, spiritual growth, healing, etc.  Content goes beyond what I have offered on my websites and on the Sungazing list group.

This mini e-book will also offer my views on inedia (not eating) and the claims made by various persons about sungazing and inedia.  On the other hand, this mini e-book is not intended to be encyclopedic, nor to delve into the history of sungazing, nor into overly analytic or intellectual discussion of sungazing. Rather, it is a sharing of my observations and experiences after having sungazed for 17 years, having been a spiritual student for almost 40 years, and having known many sungazers.

The document price is $19 US dollars.  However, due to several delays in publication date, I am not accepting any further pre-publication orders for this book at this time! (this note was last updated on February 16, 2010.). When the mini e-book is finally released, it will, of course, be immediately distributed to all who have placed pre-publication orders. My apologies for the delays in releasing this mini e-book!

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