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Brief Research Reports and White Papers on Various Research Topics

Introduction and Information
I have a number of research reports at hand, each of which were originally created for consulting clients to fill a specific need or to answer their specific questions; most of these reports are in the realms of antioxidant nutrition, fermented syntropic antioxidative microbial brews, related fermented products, and the class of primeval simple lightweight hydrogen-related antioxidants such as reduced water and MegaH (aka MegaH-).  Each covers a specific topic in far greater depth than I may have treated it on a relevant list group or on my free informational websites. 

A Critical and Realistic Look at the Skin Antioxidant Scanners Being Used by some Practitioners and MLM Marketers of Antioxidants. 

#SCAN-1 - A comprehensive report and overview on the skin antioxidant scanners which claim to analyze the antioxidant reserves in your body by aiming a light beam at your skin, and which tests are currently being offered by thousands of practitioners and vendors of nutritional supplements around the world. Includes: overview, technology, validity, pitfalls, recommendations; how to interpret and apply results.
Over the past few years, many folks in the health and nutritional supplements world have been hearing stories of a portable scanner purportedly used to assess skin levels of antioxidants, primarily by taking non-invasive measures using a violet/blue light beam aimed at the palm of the hand.  I have been hearing vague reports about these scanners for about two years now, and they seem to have really surfaced large-scale in the nutritional supplements marketplace (e.g., at health fairs and by nutritional products distributors and vendors, etc.) in early 2003. More recently, a friend in the alternative health world once again brought these devices to my attention after having encountered practitioners and nutritional consultants using them at health fairs, and shortly thereafter, I began to receive serious inquiries from friends and clients asking for my opinion on the accuracy and usefulness of such devices. This brief article will attempt to offer a quick assay of such devices.  These scanners have been known under any of the following names:

    • · Pharmanex scanner
    • · Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner
    • · AO scanner
    • · Antioxidant Scanner
    • · Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI) Antioxidant Scanner
    • · Bioscan
    • · Laser Scan
    • · Tissue Antioxidant Scanner
About 9 pages, with bibliography/references. 

No longer available.

A Look at the Very Lightweight Hydrogen Antioxidants, Including Common Questions and Answers

#HYDA-1 - A comprehensive report and overview on the simple primeval hydride antioxidant products containing atomic hydrogen and the hydride ion (negative hydrogen ion or H-minus ion), such as electrolyzed reduced water (aka ERA and aka "alkaline ionized water") and MegaHydrin (aka MegaH-).  Answers most common questions about such products and about
antioxidants in general, discusses hydride and hydrogen antioxidants and the antioxidant pool of the body, and also answers the skeptical and even hostile questions most frequently asked by "old-guard" scientists who are trying to defend an older paradigm.
Until very recently, it has been assumed within the field of biochemistry that all effective antioxidants in living systems are rather complex chemicals, and further, it was assumed that these antioxidants were all what are commonly believed to belong to the field of organic chemistry (complex molecules which contain carbon), and beyond that, to belong to the field of biochemistry, which focuses on organic chemicals which are usually never found in “inorganic” nature (e.g., abiogenic), but rather are normally created only by living organisms (e.g., are biogenic) or by humans in a laboratory.  This is not true, with the discovery of the primitive, primeval simple hydrogen antioxidants, some of which have been present on Earth for millions of years before even primitive life evolved.

About 15 pages.  

No longer available.


Reports are copyrighted, and available in electronic Adobe PDF file format.  Each report is $7.00 apiece.  No refunds, no returns.  No tax.  Each document product contains no cholesterol, no fats, no trans-fatty acids, no parasites, no harmful organisms, no alcohol, and no calories.

ORDERING: Your order must specify which documents you wish to order, or you can tell me via a separate e-mail. All orders must include the e-mail address to which you wish the file sent.  All files under 130 kB in size; quite manageable. You are asked to subtotal and total your order prior to ordering so you know how much to pay. 

DELIVERY: All documents ordered will be sent via e-mail to your e-mail address provided, usually within ten hours of receipt of your order and payment, and, if I am travelling, within 8 days of receipt of order and payment. All files under 130 kB in size; quite manageable.

UPDATES: I occasionally update documents with new information. All customers who have purchased copies of any mini e-book or research document within the previous six months will automatically be sent updated versions of that document as they become available.

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