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Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, Money Order and 
Electronic Transfer of Funds, including Western Union and Moneygram

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A Quick Heads-Up Note About the Use of the Term "Donation"
As of mid-2017, due to escalating concerns on the part of law enforcement agencies and national governments about the use of the word "donation" by an ever-increasing number of scammers trying to hoodwink citizens out of their money for fake causes (i.e., fake charities, fake policemen's benevolent associations, fake non-profits) and of terrorist and other criminal organizations trying to accomplish money laundering by moving funds under the title of "donations", many online pay vendors have started to prohibit the use of the term "donation" when sending funds via online pay methods (and, in many cases, via bank transfers as well) unless the recipient of the "donation" is a true non-profit organization that is registered in their country of origin as a non-profit agency. As a result of these concerns, you will find that for most (but not all) online pay methods listed below, options that once were titled "donation in support of Vinny's spiritual work", or "donation to support Vinny's spiritual trips", or "donation to support the Receiving Divine Love and Grace page" have been re-worded to use terms and phrases such as "gift to support", "funds to support", or, where relevant, the term "fee", and/or other useful descriptions.

Strangely, on the opposite side of the coin, one or two online pay vendors still prefer that we use the term "donation" to denote gifts of funds to support certain efforts, and so, in the case of those particular pay vendors, we will continue, for now, to use the term donation where applicable.

My freely-offered informational and educational websites have been totally self-supported since their inception (and many of my websites were started between August 2000 and June 2003). While I offer the content on my websites freely, as a gift to all from my heart, it is quite obvious that not only did my research in these realms (and also my training, including formal education, that allowed me to offer this material in the first place) incur costs, but there are also monthly and yearly costs associated with web hosting, domain registration, etc. As you have likely noticed, I have chosen not to accept any advertising on any of my websites. As a result of all of these factors, any funds that you might choose to send toward supporting my research work and this site will be very much appreciated.

Thus, I am seeking funds to help me to support my educational websites -- even two dollars helps! If you wish to support my work, you may do so by using your credit card, ATM card, debit card, or transfer from your bank account, via fully secure means. To send funds, please click the link below, or use one of the other payment methods listed below.
All transactions are secure; in all cases, you get to choose the dollar amount!

     Thank you very much!

Send Funds via Everbutton, Using a Credit or Debit Card
Donations to Support Vinny's Websites

The payment option below links to EverButton which is secured by Stripe, a very well-known and highly-secure payment vendor that accepts payments made using credit card or debit card, via secure servers. You do not need to be an EverButton or Stripe member to utilize the service. To send a donation to support Vinny's Websites using credit card or debit card, click on the donate link below:

Send Funds via Venmo Using a Credit or Debit Card, or Bank Account within the U.S.


When sending funds via Venmo, do not use the word donation in the text of any enclosed message. Rather, use the term "funds to support", "gift to support", or where relevant, "fee".

You may send a payment by credit card, debit card or bank account using Venmo. Venmo only works within the US.

Please send payment to my email address, :
Note: Venmo payments can ONLY be sent using the Venmo app on your Android or iOS mobile phone.

When sending funds via Venmo, do not use the word donation in the text of any enclosed message. Rather, use the term "funds to support", "gift to support", or where relevant, "fee".

Send funds via Zelle within the U.S.

You may send a payment via Zelle using the Zelle app for Android or iOS. Alternatively, if your bank or credit union offers Zelle, through your mobile banking app or online banking. You must enroll with Zelle to use this service which requires a bank or credit union account within the U.S. Click here to be taken to Zelle's website for more details.

If using Zelle, you may send the funds to Vinny's email address , or, alternatively, to Vinny's cell phone number ending in "113".

Send funds via Facebook Payments, Using a Credit or Debit Card, or Bank Account

Facebook Payments

When sending funds via Facebook Payments, do not use the word donation in the text of any enclosed message. Rather, use the term "funds to support", "gift to support", or where relevant, "fee".

You can also send funds to Vinny from your Facebook (FB) account, using funds from a credit or debit card, or from a linked bank account. If you are a FB Friend of Vinny's, you can simply go into Payments/Send Money and type Vinny's name to send funds, and FB should present you with Vinny's FB account as an option for "recipient". If you are not a FB Friend of Vinny, then you can simply start a FB Message/Messenger conversation with Vinny by sending him a FB Message and waiting for his reply, after which you can reply and then click on the Send Payment button (it is usually a dollar sign, located at the top or bottom of the message box) in the Messenger message box.

When sending funds via Facebook Payments, do not use the word donation in the text of any enclosed message. Rather, use the term "funds to support", "gift to support", or where relevant, "fee".

Send Funds via Popmoney Using a Bank Account or Debit Card within the U.S.


Vinny can also accept funds via Popmoney, a way of sending money to almost anyone in the U.S., even to someone's email address or mobile phone number. More information at https://www.popmoney.com/. Many banks also support Popmoney, and those banks may offer you a Popmoney send funds window on their website if you have a bank account at the bank. Popmoney can also be used from your Android or iOS mobile phone. Please send payment to my email address, 

Check or Money Order via US Mail or Delivery Service (e.g., UPS, Fedex)

All payments must be in US dollars and made payable to "Vinny Pinto". If you wish to send a cashier's check, certified check or money order, my full name and address are below. Personal checks are also accepted, if you do not mind the wait for the funds to clear at the bank (up to 10 business days from time of receipt).


Note: If you are sending something that is time-sensitive, such as funds to be paid via check or money order, or items for testing, please contact me via email for my street address so that I may receive the mail more speedily and with greater reliability.

Moneygrams or Western Union Money Transfers from Anywhere in the World

Yes, Western Union or Moneygram is an acceptable method as well when sending funds from within the US or other countries.  

My exact RECIPIENT contact information follows:

recipient details
Thank you!
-- Vinny

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