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Visitor Counter and Traffic Analyzer Notice

This site and domain use statistical site tracking software to analyze traffic to this web site. Neither the site, domain or our web host create any individual profiles of visitors; there is no personal information recorded. Unlike some web site tracking services, neither the software vendor nor the web host have any database of individual profiles for visitors, but rather collect only aggregate data. At all times, individual anonymity is preserved.

Customer and Visitor Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and I treat your information as I would expect a small company to treat my information, with total privacy and confidentiality.  All customer information such as name, address, phone, e-mail address are maintained only on a single protected computer located in our office and are maintained in strictest confidence. We maintain an Internet firewall with Kaspersky Total Security. Your contact information is never sold, loaned, leased, traded or disclosed to any third parties, and we do not engage in spam e-mail marketing.  We do not market aggressively and rather, make our products available only with great reserve and with great caution and respect for your privacy and autonomy. We have no desire to convince you to purchase anything or do anything.  We offer our products more as a service to our fellow humans rather than an operation with a goal of convincing many people to purchase our products.

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