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Note: I am available to offer lectures, seminars or training in many of the areas listed below; please see the Seminars page on this website for more details.

Consulting, Training and Coaching Services: Greater Vitality, Health and Well-Being
These services are offered to commercial ventures and also to individuals and small audiences. Coaching, lecturing and consulting in the following realms:
  • Wellness and happiness coaching -- achieving greater flow, love and ease in life.
  • Managing or responding to chronic disease or health challenges.
  • Surrendering all effort, control and action in life to what I call Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart, aka God, Beingness or Divinity.
  • Effects of inner psychophysiological coherent states of individuals upon nearby electronic monitoring equipment -- these are mostly "subtle" effects, such as decreases in background levels of ionizing radiation, electrical noise, changes in randomness function, and decreased emission of ionizing radiation from nearby radio-isotope sources.
  • Investigation of the "subtle" effects of healers on water and on various types of electronic monitoring equipment.
  • Effects of so-called Rife plasma healing devices, which employ a high-temperature glow discharge in an inert gas in (glowing) plasma tube, excited by radio-frequency (RF) and/or audio-frequency energy.
  • Sungazing and related practices.

Spiritual Healing
As mentioned elsewhere on this website, I am a scientist and a mystic. I also offer spiritual healing to individuals on a fee basis. For further information on my spiritual healing services, please see my healing website at www.divine-heart.org 

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