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SAM (including EM type microbial consortia) in Agriculture (and Health) Seminar, April 2, 2005 Shepherdstown, WV
available on DVD only, US video format only

When I first announced the April 2, 2005 SAM (including EM type microbial consortia) in Agriculture (and Health) Seminar which Allan Balliett (a well-known Biodynamic farmer) had organized to be presented at Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, WV, a number of folks had contacted me and Allan to ask if DVDs of the event would be available. At the time it appeared that this would not be the case, but as time passed and the date of the event approached, Allan was able to find a person experienced in videotaping such seminars in his area, and thus the event was indeed videotaped. I have been advised by Allan in the past week that the DVD package of the event is finally available for sale. At this point, the DVD set is available only from Allan directly (contact information below), but it is my understanding that SCD may be offering the DVD set in the future as well.

It is my understanding that the DVD set contains 3 DVDs, and that they contain about 1.5 hours of the initial presentation by Steve Diver, followed by the near 1.5 hour long morning presentation by Matthew Wood, and then, for the afternoon session, I have been informed that the DVD contains about 3 hours of my afternoon presentation (this presentation eventually lasted over 5 hours, but only 3 hours were videotaped under the terms of the contract with the video person.)

If you wish to read more about the seminar offerings, the speakers and their credentials, please see the original seminar announcement page at

Finally, here is information from Allan himself -- pulled from a recent e-mail which Allan sent to me -- on price and how to order. I have edited Allan's original e-mail slightly to highlight some points. Allan's note appears below:

Vinny - 


It's 3 DVDs in a printed case. It's (almost) the entire program from the Shepherdstown event, unedited. Even your celebrated shape-shifting into an alien reptoid reptilian has been captured, as well as your bag lunch (really an amber bottle of SAM brew in a brown bag, classic wino style), sitting open on the stage. 

Price for the DVD set is $65, ppd on Earth. 

Send US funds to: 
Allan Balliett 
POB 3047 
Shepherdstown, WV 25443 



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