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Note: I am available to offer lectures, seminars or training in many of the areas listed below; please see the Seminars page on this website for more details.

R&D and Consulting Services: Esoteric (Bleeding-Edge) Topics in the Sciences
These services are offered to commercial ventures. Consulting, research and development (R&D) and training in the realms listed below:
Note: there is a tremendous amount of hyperbole, nonsense and pseudoscience in some of the fields listed below; as a trained and degreed researcher and scientist, and with my additional background in healing, mysticism and subtle energies, I am able to help clients to separate truth from fiction, verifiable and observable effects from myth and hyperbole, and to quality and quantify measurable effects in the realms listed below:
  • Very low-molecular weight hydrogen-based nutritional antioxidants, sometimes known as primal or primeval hydrogen species antioxidants or hydride antioxidants (i.e., the "negative hydrogen ion", atomic hydrogen and active hydrogen antioxidant class.)
  • Bioeffects on living organisms of magnetic and electric fields and EMF. Please see footnote 1 below for an amusing tale related to this topic.
  • Subtle energies and bioenergy.
  • Non-Hertzian fields and superliminal fields and signals. Some of these phenomena are sometimes called Hertzian non-classical fieldsscalar fields or scalar waves. I believe that at least five types of such fields or signals exist; at least several of which may be generated and detected with available technologies. I include in this realm the anomalous fields or waves which scientist Wallace Minto (aka Wally Minto) studied and popularized in the late 1960s. Please see footnote 1 below for an amusing tale related to this topic.
  • Ormus and ormus-like forms of elements and minerals (aka monoatomic, monatomic, or white gold elements.)
  • Alchemy, particularly the Elixir of Life, aka Elixir Vitae, also known as the Universal Medicine, the Philosopher's Stone of Immortality, etc.
  • Microbes, organic systems and technologies which appear to produce or create negentropic (aka syntropic or anti-entropic) effects.
  • Trace element nutrition
  • Radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition, sometimes called radiogenic nutrition
  • Quantum physics and subquantum physics technologies and devices
  • Many-worlds, alternate-worlds, parallel worlds and braneworlds realms (aka alternate tie-sapce dimensions), including time-space portal technologies and devices
  • Zero-point and time-space continua, including time-space portal technologies. 
  • Esoteric and anomalous properties of excited (gas) plasmas, including anomalous behaviors of high-temperature gas plasmas in inert (noble) gases and in hydrogen.
  • Generation of and effects of subtle energy fields and so-called "scalar waves".
  • Internal psychophysiological coherence, sometimes referenced as heart-centered physiological coherence, particularly as reflected in HRV measures.
  • A phenomenon known sometmies as low-energy nuclear transmutation (LENT), particularly using means such as electrochemical cells and microbial transformation; the latter is sometimes referenced as biological transmutation.
  • Quantum coherence and coherent space field effect devices, aka area treatment devices.
  • Subtle quantum and subquantum effects of electric, magnetic and EMF fields.
  • Effects of magnets and magnetic treatment on water and aqueous fluids.
  • Subtle energy effects of magnets, electric and magnetic fields, and of EMF, including "noise" or incoherent subtle energy components.
  • Exotic energies, aka subtle energies, including etheric energy, also known as aetheric energy, and including R&D in the realms of Joe Cells and related etheric energy technologies, including deveopment of highly-robust and stable etheric energy devices.
  • Evaluation of so-called "free energy" technologies for potential investors or acquisitors. I have been approached several times over the past few years by organizations and individuals who had been approached with an invitation to invest funding in "free energy" technologies or to purchase rights to employ such technologies. In each case, I was -- after evaluation of the technology involved -- able to offer an assessment of the technology along  recommendations that were ultimately very satisfying to my clients.
  • Consulting R&D directorship for small companies trying to bring new technologies to market. This includes design of studies and referral for testing to independent certified laboratories across a wide range of disciplines.
  • Contractual project management for R&D projects, product development, product evaluation and testing and regulatory compliance, particularly for small and start-up commercial ventures in nutritional and health-related fields.
helicopter foto-AZ
This photo, shot in mid-2007 during a research field trip in Arizona, shows me with my friend and research assistant Moti at a helicopter which we had chartered for an aerial field survey of geological features in a search of likely locations of exotic ores in northern Arizona.

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1. In the early 1980s, I authored a brief one-page invited article on esoteric healing devices which employed electrical sparks, corona discharges or plasma discharges for a (since discontinued) journal called Technology Tomorrow published by the World Future Society. The article was published in the April 1981 issue of the journal, and attracted quite a bit of attention at the time; I received phone calls and letters via postal mail (the web as we know it was not yet really in existence, and thus there were no emails...!) from all over the world as a result of this article. About one-half of the letters were from rather psychotic and delusional persons, while the other half were from serious researchers, some of whom became valued colleagues over the ensuing years. I have posted the article, along with some of my notes about it, to a dedicated page on my ormuslike.info website (click here).

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