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Note: I am available to offer lectures, seminars or training in many of the areas listed below; please see the Seminars page on this website for more details.

R&D and Consulting Services: General Scientific, including Industrial, Agricultural and Environmental
These services are offered to commercial ventures. Consulting, research and development (R&D) and training in the following realms:
  • Use of beneficial antioxidative and syntropic (anti-entropic) microbes and microbial consortia in odor management, waste remediation, environmental engineering, livestock feeding and human nutritional products.
  • Use of beneficial antioxidative and syntropic (anti-entropic) microbes in agriculture, composting, fish farming and shrimp farming.
  • Fermentation of beneficial antioxidative and syntropic (anti-entropic) microbes and microbial consortia for creation of application-specific products.
  • Applications of purple non-sulfur bacteria (aka PNSB) and related beneficial microbes in the fields of health, nutrition, agriculture, and waste remediation.
  • Applications of humates, fulvates, humic acids, fulvic acids, lignites and leonardites in the fields of agriculture, waste remediation, nutrition and health.
  • Bioremediation of waste, including toxic waste.
  • Odor management in agriculture, industrial settings and waste managment settings using beneficial microbes and adjuncts.
  • Wastewater management using beneficial microbes and adjuncts.
  • Pollution abatement for water and waterways, including ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and bays, using beneficial microbes and adjuncts.
  • Solid waste management using using beneficial microbes and adjuncts.
  • Processes for production of fish hydrosylate for use as fish fertilizer from fish industry waste and scraps using enzymatic digestion and microbial digestion.
  • Processes for production of customized fermented fish fertilizers with enhanced bioavailability of nutrients and extremely low odor.
  • Production processes for isolation of food-grade cod liver oil and processes for creation of fermented cod liver oil products.
  • Formulation and design of customized microbial boosters, aka microbial enhancers, which boost growth and activity of beneficial microbes in applications customized for solid waste treatment, wastewater treatment, toxic waste remediation, agriculture, composting and specialized industrial applications.
  • Processes to address in-situ remediation of toxic waste in soils in the natural environment using beneficial microbes and adjuncts such as microbial boosters.
  • Use of substances which act as electron transfer agents, aka electron relays or electron shuttles, in agriculture, waste remediation and human nutrition.
  • Application of redox and disproportionation reactions, and particularly reductive processes, in waste remediation and odor management.
  • Design and operation of customized water electrolyzers (aka water ionizers) for commercial and industrial settings.
  • Trace element nutrition
  • Radiation hormesis and radiation nutrition, sometimes called radiogenic nutrition
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) indices as a powerful non-invasive measure of health and vitality and as a powerful predictor of morbidity and mortality.
  • States of psychophysiological coherence, sometimes called heart coherence or psychophysiological heart coherence, a state of inner coherence exemplified by any of several signatures in HRV, and the relationship of these states to healing, health, vitality and to various near-mystical inner states such as those of compassion and grace
  • Psychophysiological measures which appear to be correlates of mystical inner states, altered states of consciousness and healing states
  • Spectroscopy and monitoring of background levels of ionizing radiation, including whole-body health benefits of exposure to low-level ionizing radiation (i.e., "radium mines", etc.), and the related field of radiation hormesis.
  • Research on anomalous behaviors of high-temperature gas plasmas in inert (noble) gases and in hydrogen gas.
  • Spectrophotometric analysis of water, foods and nutritional supplements via absorption and transmission spectrometry with NIR-VIS-UV digital spectrophotometer.
  • Effects of electric and magnetic fields and EMF (electromagnetic fields) on living organisms.
  • Quantum and subquantum effects of electric, magnetic and EMF fields
  • Consulting R&D directorship for small companies trying to bring new technologies to market. This includes design of studies and referral for testing to independent certified laboratories across a wide range of disciplines.
  • Contractual project management for R&D projects, product development, product evaluation and testing and regulatory compliance.
For info on my work in the more fringe and cutting-edge sciences, please click here.

waste lagoon Malaysia
The above and below photo show Vinny taking water samples and examining water and sludge quality at one of a series of waste lagoons at a palm oil processing plant in Malaysia where my consulting client will be conducting pilot studies on the use of benefical microbes for treament of toxic and odoriferous wastewater. Photos were taken in mid-2008.
waste lagoon Malaysia

The above photo, shot during a June 2007 research field trip to Arizona, shows a number of buckets in the process of being filled with exotic mineral-bearing ore sands and then loaded into our rental car; photo was taken in the desert on a day when the temperature peaked by noontime at over 114 degrees F.

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